Fall Semester Practice Schedule 

* Schedule is subject to change due to COVID

Sunday: Run on your own or with teammates 



Monday: Strength: 6:30 AM-7:30 AM @ Mac Gym (Rec) 

               Swim: 7 PM-8:15 PM @ Moby Pool




Tuesday: Swim: 6:15 AM-7:30 AM @ Moby Pool 

                TNT: 5:30 PM-7:00 PM @ CSU Rec



Wednesday: Strength: 6:30 AM-7:30 AM @ Mac Gym (Rec)  

                     Ramcykle: 6:15 PM Meet @ Moby Parking Lot



Thursday: Swim: 6:15 AM-7:30 AM @ Moby Pool 

                 Ramcykle: 6:00 PM Meet @ Moby Parking Lot 




Friday:  Run: 4:30 PM-5:30 PM Meet @ CSU Rec




Saturday: Long Ride or Brick: 9 AM-11 AM Location TBA