Que Sheet

1. Starting from the intersection of Elizabeth and Overland Trail

2. Head north on Overland Trail

3. Turn left on Bingham Hill at mile 3.3

4. At the "T" turn left to head toward Horsetooh Resivoir 

5. At mile 10.9 continue heading downhill towards the football stadium

6. Turn right on S overland trail

7. Continue on S overland trail, it will eventually turn into a parking lot. 

8. At the end of the second larger parking lot turn right to head south on the bike trail

9. At mile 14 the bike trail will make  sharp rigth turn that will have you riding next to Harmony road

10. Hope off the bike path and head west on Harmony road. 

11. Take the first right available at mile 15.6 to ride the dams, do not contine around HT resevoir. 

12 A fast descent will lead you to a "T". Turn right and continue descending down stadium hill.

13. You have completed the loop.