Frequently Asked Questions

1.How committed do I have to be to the team?

Since this is a club team, we cannot make all practices mandatory, but in order to be considered an active member you must attend at least two practices a week. Although you are not required to be at every practice, we encourage you to be as involved as you can.  Those who are more committed to the team are rewarded with new relationships, huge athletic improvements, and a chance to go to Collegiate Nationals in Arizona.

2.How much will the team cost me?  

The initial cost of dues will be around $300. This price includes coaching, two race entries, a t-shirt, a and bike jersey. There are additional costs throughout the season, such as, travel costs for races. You will also be responsible for purchasing the gear necessary for the sport. The largest cost will most likely be a bike. Dues for joining in second semester Spring '19 are $150. 


3.What distance does the team compete in?

As a collegiate club triathlon team, we race Olympic distance triathlons. This includes a .9 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, and a 6.2 mile run.


4.What gear will I need in order to participate?

Bike, helmet, biking shorts, goggles, swim suit, running shoes… these are the most basic items necessary to train for and race a triathlon, but as you become more committed to the sport you may acquire other gear such as, a wetsuit, bike shoes, and fancier gear… But if you start with the items listed above you will be just fine :)

For a more extensive race-day prep list, see this list from Complete Tri:


5.What makes me eligible to join the team?

We welcome all CSU students (undergraduate or graduate) to be members of the team. Although some new members might have triathlon experience prior to joining the team, that is not a requirement and we accept people of all ability levels.


6.How many practices are offered each week?

There will be 1-2 training sessions everyday except Sunday. The breakdown includes 2 strength training sessions, 3 swim workouts, 2 run workouts, and 3 bike workouts (sometimes the third cycling practice is a “brick” which is just a bike and run combined). **see practice schedule attached for dates, times, and locations**

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